Tighty Whitey Toys

The concept of Tighty Whitey Toys started off as a joke, when its founder and the man behind David & Goliath, Todd Goldman put a pair of underwear on a stuffed bear. Suddenly, Bear In Underwear was born and there was no looking back. Bear In Underwear quickly turned into a series of 10 published kid’s books and an animated cartoon show in production. Todd then went a little crazy and put underwear on all kinds of cute things, making them into fun plush toys. Bugs, monsters, vegetables, fruit, junk food and every creature in the animal kingdom which he appropriately named “Animals In Undies.” Today, Tighty Whitey Toys has hundreds of adorable stuffed toys wearing underwear and it seems Todd isn’t stopping anytime soon. If there is something out there that looks good in underwear, Todd will probably turn it into a stuffed toy!

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