Tech Candy

Tech Candy is a full collection of gifts catering to today’s tech-savvy customers. From distinctive iPhone Case Sets, Power Adapters, and Gemstone Earbud Necklaces, to Camera Remotes, Water Defender Bags, and UV Sanitizer Wands, this line of techcessories was created for high-design women, trendy teens, and discerning men. Tech Candy prides itself on offering fast wholesale shipping, products that remain in stock, and low minimum orders.

 announces the perfect trifecta of new techcessories:

1. The like-nothing-you’ve-ever-seen-before Better Off Thread™ embroidered iPhone cases to swoon over.
2. The stop-what-you’re-doing-and-think-about-this-for-a-second Cookie Monster 4X™ mobile energy bars that charge your phone. FOUR. FULL. TIMES.
3. The MFi-certified Fringe Benefit™ woven USB cables nestled into hand-dip-dyed-ombre-tassels-of-gorgeousness that works with Apple AND Android devices.