Our Team 

Behind every successful organization are the “background players” who lend  support
in many different capacities.


KGKatie Gale
Sales Coordinator
In September 2009 we were lucky enough to have Katie rejoin our organization as Sales Manager. She is the right hand to Principal Michelle Ruby when it comes to managing the reps and their territories. Her main focus is making the day-to-day life of the team run smoothly. Whether it be training a new rep on the road or working with customers during the shows Katie always has a smile on her face and a can do attitude. Her enthusiasm is contagious. A true southerner, Katie will charm you and make you feel as if you’ve been a part of our family for years.”


CGChristina Graff
Commissions & Accounting
When she first started studying Chemistry and Environmental Science, Christina Graff never imagined that she’d be working in an environment that’s quite different from her original path. As our Commissions and Account Guru, Christina not only brings an analytical head to the Just Got 2 Have It team – she also brings a warm, fun-loving spirit that creates the perfect balance for her role here.”


Daniel Slack
Creative Director
Daniel has years of expertise ranging from retail store owner to costume designer. He has most recently owned and operated a national visual merchandising company.
Daniel and his team have won numerous national awards for design and visual merchandising – not to mention being the sole reason behind Just Got 2 Have It’s multiple “Best of Floor” awards.”


Lindsey Davies
Showroom Coordinator



Hannah Davis
Showroom Assistant / Customer Service
Hannah Davis, is our key to keeping the rep team well-organized and ensuring that our customers receive great service.  She is willing and able to assist both vendors and retailers with any issue that needs attention.  She also manages our shared resource drive for our rep team, which houses everything from vendor specials, account lists and catalog links to company documents and other sales materials.  She does an amazing job of keeping important sales tools at our reps’ fingertips so that they can focus their attention where it’s needed most – on the road!


Northeast Division

Alison Blackmore
Sales Manager
Alison began working for Kris & Co. in 2013 as a Sales Coordinator for our NE Division. As a result of her commitment, attention to detail and acting as a tremendous resource to the sales team she rose to the role of Sales Manager in 2014.  Alison has proven to be an asset in building strong relationships with her sales team and vendor partners. Alison’s degree in Business, her experience as Sales Analyst at Honeywell Consumer Products Group and drive has made her a great fit for our organization.


Marylou Bassani
Operations Director
Marylou joined Kris & Co. in 1999 and has been an integral part in growing Kris & Co. into the rep agency it is today.  After a long stint working in hospitals, her patient care skills transferred easily to working in the Kris & Co. showroom helping customers.  She is our longest standing employee and was around when orders were faxed in.  She evolved with the advent of technology and has made herself comfortable with handling commissions and brandwise with ease.