Established in 2001, Mor continually strives to be the pioneering creator of bath, body and lifestyle products with distinctive renges admired globally by consumers and the beauty industry alike.

Each collection is inspired by the tales of ancient civilisations, by-gone eras, travel, and are allowing the creation of a truly unique story, cap[turing and emanating a moment in time.


L I P  M A C A R O N

Treat your lips to a kiss of moisture!
Filled with Vitamin E and other hydrating properties,
this nourishing confection creates deliciously sweet lips.

S C E N T E D  H O M E  L I B R A R Y

Delight and ignite your senses with a trove of spellbinding scents. Inspired by antique literature, each aroma is bookmarked with its fragrance and allows your own story to emanate.

Alike to turning pages, new chapters and second versus, each fragrance becomes a new story that transforms any space and transcends time.

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