Paddywax Candles

Light a candle, slow down, and set the tone.
As any host knows, atmosphere is an overlooked, yet crucial aspect to any gathering. The more you do to make your guests at ease, the more they’ll enjoy themselves. Our pleasing fragrances and flickering wicks do just that! Lighten the mood of a space with our bright, airy, and herbaceous fragrances. Or create a calming environment with our earthy and woody fragrances.


N  E  W

Brighten your home with this art-inspired, colorful collection.
Playful color palettes, metallic accents, and complex
fragrances bring sophistication to this fun collection. Four porcelain
vessels in two tapered sizes, all hand-painted with pizzazz.



Desert vibes abound in this new collection inspired by the American West. These rough
concrete vessels are etched and painted by hand in five colors. Each candle is filled
with an airy fragrance and topped off with a wooden lid. Available in two sizes, these
candles are perfect for bringing subtle texture and color accents to any living room.


Luxury is one match away with this new eye-catching collection. Five sophisticated fragrances
in two sizes of iridescent ceramic vessels with copper lids. Whether it’s sights or smells, these
candles are sure to turn heads in your home.


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