Bucky, Inc. is a Seattle, WA based company founded in 1992 to design, manufacture and market comfy new pillows filled with natural buckwheat hulls.  Our original U-shaped pillow set the standard in personal comfort and is a marvel of simplicity that quickly caught the attention of top retailers across the USA. Soon millions of people were bonding with their Buckys!

Sleep & Eye Masks

The main reason people can’t sleep is too much light—even ambient light reduces our ability to produce melatonin, the chemical released in the brain that triggers sleep. Sleep masks provide complete darkness, which is essential for the deep, restful sleep all people need for optimal health. Sleep masks are ideal for those with insomnia, taking a daytime snooze, or getting a better quality of sleep at home.

At Bucky we produce the highest quality sleep masks that are comfortable, adjustable, stylish, and block light completely. Our sleep masks have been featured on the Dr. Oz show, Top Rated by Good Housekeeping, featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and praised by many other media outlets for their comfort and functionality.

Just For Kids

Kids will be kids and accidents will happen—soothe life’s bumps and bruises with Bucky’s all-natural hot and cold packs! Soothe fevers, bruises, strains and sprains, insect bites, sun burns, headaches, and more! All Bucky hot and cold packs are made with premium buckwheat seeds, the preferred filling by salons and spas over rice and other grains for its long-lasting hot/cold retention—simply put the packs in the microwave or freezer as needed. All Bucky buckwheat filling is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, eco-friendly, and grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizer.

Travel Pillows & Throws

Wherever life takes you, it’s best to do it in comfort! Bucky’s line of Travel & Leisure products are made to bring convenient relaxation on the go—our cozy, heat-trapping travel blanket easily folds to a compact size, our travel pillows provide plush comfort for restfulness anywhere, and our sleep masks block light completely so you can snooze anytime, anyplace! All of our neck pillows include a “Snap & Go” feature, which allows for quick attachment to your purse or luggage, and our airplane pillows, such as the Inflatable Neck Pillow, folds to a tiny size that can fit into even the fullest luggage. Our luxury travel items are sure to make your travels a breeze!


Enjoy soothing relaxation with Bucky’s line of hot & cold therapeutic pads and wraps, ideal for calming the aches,
pains, and stressors of daily life. Simply put your body wrap in the microwave to enjoy the
benefits of heat therapy, or in the freezer for cooling therapy.

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